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We won't use smoke and mirrors to try and convince you that you need a non-adjustable brake. Some of our brakes have been out in the field 30 years without needing adjustment. But should the occasion arise, its nice to know you can adjust your Van Mark brake to best fit your work conditions, not ours. POWERslot™ technology, developed by Van Mark, allows variable levering of the bending hinge along an arcuate (curved), slot in the fixed hinge. The results are a truly unique bending experience that allows optimal bending power to be maintained along the point of contact with the material. Think of it as a sliding fulcrum which shifts during the arc of your bend thereby extending your leverage while decreasing the power needed to make the bend itself. In short, TrimMaster® gives you more bend with less energy.

POWERslot™ technology gives you more bending power with less energy resulting in a truly unique bending experience. Added walls and hollows make TrimMaster® brakes the toughest machines out there while providing the same long service life you've come to expect from a Van Mark Product.

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